Academy Extensions


Academy Extension Courses are scheduled at least once per week from 10:00am–3:00pm with an hour break from 12:30pm-1:30pm with the idea of simulating a full day in the Full-Time Program.

  • Prep Program: The Prep Program trains students in the prerequisite technical and artistic skills required for admissions into the Full-Time Program. The Prep Program is for students who are one year or less away from applying to the Full-Time Program and deemed to be a good candidate for admittance into our Full-Time Program by Instructors and staff, or, who have recently been admitted into the Full-Time Program.
  • FLEAT: The Freelance Exceptional Artist Training is a program for artists that have employable or near-employable skillset for whom the Full-Time Program is not a good fit. The purpose of this program is to fill in any technical, artistic, and/or vocational skill deficits (e.g. portfolio/reel, interviewing, job searching, resume, website, etc.) in order to prepare these students for a specific employment target and independently searching for work.
  • PACE: This program is an individualized, self-paced program for students who are admitted into the Full-time Program, but for whom the general classroom approach or the pace of the Full-time Program is not suitable (i.e. pace is too slow/fast). This program also allows students with prior college-level and/or professional experience to be evaluated for Exceptional Minds course equivalency. The student will meet all of the Full-Time graduation requirements for the year they are admitted and will receive a Certificate of Graduation from Exceptional Minds Vocational Academy, along with all of the benefits it entails.