Employment Support Services

The goal of Employment Support Services is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship among the Artist, the Employer, and Exceptional Minds. These services will support the Artist’s transition to his or her new employment role in the most efficacious manner possible.

  • Exceptional Minds offers an elective comprehensive set of employment support services to current Full-Time Students and Graduates who are placed in an outside internship or job to ensure a smooth transition of the Artist to his or her new role with the Employer.
  • The Behavioral and Employment Support Team creates a customized program specifically to address the Artist’s needs and to meet the Employer’s expectations.
  • Services provided include employer education, job coaching, technical remediation, vocational support, and behavioral support.
  • These services are deemed “at will” accommodations meant to benefit both the Artist and the Employer. Both the Artist and the Employer have the right to waive all, or a portion of, the employment support services provided at any time.