Private Lessons


Private Lessons are offered to students over the age of 16 to develop their talents.

  • Private lessons are two hours in length and can be taken on-site at Exceptional Minds Academy or virtually.
  • Private lessons can be taken for the following aims:
    • Enrichment lessons allow students to work on preferred projects at their own learning pace.
    • Technical lessons offer the training of technical and conceptual skills for post-production, VFX, and animation.
    • Vocational lessons are focused on creating professional material and practicing the communication skills needed to apply for, secure, and maintain good performance at a job.

On-Site Private Lessons

On-site Private lessons are taught in our Exceptional Minds Academy Suite in Sherman Oaks, California. Students learn in classrooms furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and software and have the opportunity to interact with other Exceptional Minds students.

Virtual Private Lessons

Virtual Private Lessons are for students who cannot commute to our Sherman Oaks facility and who have strong independent work skills to complete projects between lessons. Students need to have basic computer fluency in order to follow multi-step directions and troubleshoot any technical issues that should arise from the remote learning model.