Millions of people around the world have seen his story, read his letter, and shared it or responded to it in some way. Twenty-year-old Ryan Lowry’s handwritten letter asking for a chance at a job went viral on LinkedIn and has been life changing for so many. 

We first heard about Ryan through one of our advisors, Aaron Parry, Chief Creative Officer, Stereo-D and Deluxe Animation Studios at Company3/Method Studios. Now, thanks to a grant from that team, Ryan will be participating in our summer animation program at Exceptional Minds. We’re excited to open our doors to Ryan, the many students already enrolled, and to the world of possibilities that await.


During this time of economic challenge for so many families, we appreciate companies like Company3/Method Studios who provide tuition assistance for our students. To help a student pay for summer classes, please donate to our Scholarship Fund today.

Exceptional Minds, a California non-profit of the year, is an academy and studio preparing young adults on the autism spectrum for careers in animation, visual effects, 3D gaming, and other related fields in the entertainment industry. Exceptional Minds provides critical technical and work readiness training customized to help its students achieve their full artistic and professional potential, creating a new pipeline of talented artists, and fostering inclusive hiring practices. Exceptional Minds and its partners are building a future where neurodiverse perspectives are vital to the advancement of a more empowered and inclusive society.

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