Frequently Asked Questions

Our campus is in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Before the assessment process can begin, the student must be over the age of 18, have a diagnosis of autism, and a high school diploma or G.E.D equivalent. The admissions assessment requires a review of the applicant’s art portfolio, so a student should have one or a plan to create one prior to applying. It is also recommended that the applicant has reviewed the program and has a thorough understanding of its purpose and offerings prior to applying. For further information, please refer to the Full-Time Program page.

Exceptional Minds is a nonprofit and receives very little government funding. We are not partnered with the Department of Rehabilitation or “vendored” by any California Regional Centers. Self-determination funding may be available for Regional Center clients. We do accept Self-Determination funding.

We start accepting Full-Time applications October 16th (once the required intake form and family tour is completed). The potential student must go through an assessment process. The fee for the assessment process is $350.

If you are interested in any of our programs, please head to the Visit and Apply page to sign up for a tour.

We can accept up to 15 Full-Time students each year and give preference to students who have successfully completed one of our Part-Time programs.
For more information about the Full-Time Program please head to the Full-Time Program page.

All Full-Time graduates receive Employment Support Services including Job Coaching and Vocational Support toward their career path planning and employability. Our Full-Time Program works with partners across the industry on Mentorship and Internship programs and different types of employment. While we attempt to create a career path for students and graduates in internal and external employment, Exceptional Minds does not guarantee employment.

We do not provide housing but can be helpful in connecting you to supportive housing options. There are many housing options in close proximity to our campus.

To ensure a thorough and unbiased method of awarding financial assistance, Exceptional Minds offers financial aid through a third-party vendor, FAST (Financial Aid and School Tuition). All tuition assistance is financially needs-based. Please be aware that you must be accepted into one of our programs BEFORE you apply for FAST. More information about the process can be found on our Full-Time page or you can click here.

Our full-service studio offers real-world experience and pay to graduates of the Academy and is proof of the exceptional training the Academy provides – preparing our artists for the work they do with many of the most creative and successful entertainment companies in the world. Our Studio artists have worked on 100s of projects for companies including Amazon, Apple, Disney, Marvel Studios, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros., and countless others.

Exceptional Minds is a 501c3 non-profit. Our donors contribute to tuition assistance and the many areas of our growth and development so we can serve as many young adults in need as possible. To learn more or to make an investment in our artists’ future please click here.

Exceptional Minds provides needs-based tuition assistance on a case by case basis. We also accept Self Determination Program funding. For more information on the California Department of Developmental Services Regional Center Self Determination Program, please click here