Interest continues in our Exceptional Minds graduates and students who were hired as voice over actors in the HBO Max version of On The Spectrum. ran a feature that highlights the work and opportunity this project created. 

“The original actors, none of them are on the spectrum. So, they had to rely on the research they were doing and the people that they were speaking with,” EM graduate and now voice actor Adam Schuering tells PEOPLE in Tuesday’s episode. “But in the case of me and Kate (McSpadden), I believe as well, we’ve essentially lived with this our entire lives.”

The feature can be found here.


Exceptional Minds, a California non-profit of the year, is an academy and studio preparing young adults on the autism spectrum for careers in animation, visual effects, 3D gaming, and other related fields in the entertainment industry. Exceptional Minds provides critical technical and work readiness training customized to help its students achieve their full artistic and professional potential, creating a new pipeline of talented artists, and fostering inclusive hiring practices. Exceptional Minds and its partners are building a future where neurodiverse perspectives are vital to the advancement of a more empowered and inclusive society.

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