Summer Workshops

Summer Workshops are Open!

Price: $1,550 Per Individual Workshop

New Students

  1. Take an optional virtual tour and then fill out an application, including a diagnosis of autism and $65 application fee.
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Returning Students

Classes run Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 3 PM Pacific time with a 1-hour lunch. Social elective available upon request daily from 12:30 PM – 1 PM Pacific time.
Upon registration, please select only one class per session.

Session 1

June20 – June 30

*(9 days only)

2D Animation
(In person and online)

Movie Magic!

Acting for Animation

3D Creation Lab

Session 2

July 10 – 21

2D Animation
(In person and online)

Superpowered Motion Graphics

3D Animation
(In person and online)

Character Design

D&D Design and Gameplay

Session 3

July 24 – August 4

2D Animation
(In person and online)

Green Screen Dream Machine
(In person and online)

Gaming Basics of Unreal Engine

Lip Syncing

Digital Painting

Session 4

August 7 – 18

2D Animation
(In person and online)

Create Your Own Movie Trailer

3D – Digital Sculpting Zbrush CoreMini

Animation Storyboarding

Classes run Monday – Friday from 10 AM – 3 PM Pacific time with a 1-hour lunch. Social elective available upon request daily from 12:30 PM – 1 PM Pacific time.

Course Descriptions

Design and animate characters and environments using Adobe Animate software. Classes are divided by beginner and intermediate skill levels. Beginners will learn how to utilize the program to make their own simple animations, while intermediate students can work on personal animation projects and shorts in a collaborative environment. This very popular class gives students an overview of the Animate software and the animation process. Available in-person or online.
ombine text, graphics, and sound to create dynamic video projects in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Students will focus on creating different edited sequences adding motion graphics and synthetic effects to commercials, title designs, or people to make them superheroes. Students will have the opportunity to integrate additional graphics and effects into their sequences based on the nature of their projects. Available online.

Explore the world of 3D, students are introduced to the principles of the 3D production workflow using Autodesk Maya. They will use the tools in Maya to model, texture, light, animate and render a short action sequence. Along the way, they will learn the concepts and principles of the 3D workspace and how to unleash their creative ideas. Available online.

Take your animation to the next level by learning how to apply weight, movement and acting to your animations. Learn how to film references and how to apply line of action into your animated work. Artists will work through classic animation exercises and explore techniques to make their action more believable and easy to read using principles defined by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. Students should have prior experience in Adobe Animate. Available online.

Flashing graphics, shapes, and electronic digits on screen. Create a heads-up display in Adobe After Effects like those seen in video games, cars, and superhero movies. Students will combine found and newly filmed footage of themselves and their environments with graphic overlays to create animations that show a variety of different styles and techniques. Available online.

Animate 3D objects and characters using Autodesk Maya. Students will learn basic 3D animation showing how to realistically convey weight, motion, and follow-through on basic exercises including a bouncing ball. Students with some experience in the software will be able to develop their 3D animation skills further through a series of animation exercises using objects and characters with an emphasis on the more complex principles of animation. Available in-person or online.

Students will learn how to take characters and develop them into their own unique and memorable designs. Using Animate or Photoshop students will learn the basics of design, gain an understanding of the principles of gesture, posing, anatomy, and composition for developing their characters. Available online.

Students will learn the social rules aspect of role-playing, as well as shape language and character design for participating in a D&D campaign. Participants will be guided through the character creation portion by an experienced gamemaster. By the end of this workshop, participating students will have run through a significant portion of the campaign and created an image of their character in Adobe Photoshop! Available online.
Imagine yourself on another planet. Maybe you’re outside of your hometown in another country, or lost deep in a forest. This workshop explores how to take footage shot with a green screen background and how to remove it using keying in Adobe After Effects or Premiere. From there, this workshop focuses on placing the subject into a new environment. You can also take existing footage of different people and objects and place them in new places as well! Available in-person or online.

Students will explore the Unreal Game Engine Launcher, Interface, and Blueprints to create their own 3D Platformer levels using premade and customized assets. Use of materials, lighting, and reflection captures will be introduced. No previous game engine experience is required. Unreal Engine is a free download. Available online.

In this two-week summer workshop, students will learn how to create realistic lip sync for animated characters using Adobe Animate. Throughout the 10 classes, students will be introduced to the basic principles of lip syncing, as well as the technical aspects of using Animate to achieve a seamless synchronization between the character’s dialogue and lip movements. Students will also explore the Animation Principles of Staging, Timing, and Solid Drawing. It is recommended that students who take this workshop have some existing experience with Adobe Animate. Available online.

In this workshop, students will explore painting techniques in Adobe Photoshop to create cartoon and fantasy backgrounds using value maps and blending techniques to create dynamic lighting and shadow effects. Students will produce a series of paintings exploring potential compositions using the Elements and Principles of design. The sky’s the limit! Available online.

Using editing and visual effects techniques, students will alter pre-existing footage into a trailer for a fake new movie. Time will be spent in Adobe Premiere learning how to edit clips and sound together for an engaging story. Students will also learn how to use Adobe After Effects to add special effects to their clips. Available online.

Design and create 3D characters in the user-friendly 3D modeling software. Digitally Sculpt in ZBrushCoreMini and learn to create humanoid and animal forms. After learning the basic construction and texturing techniques, students have the opportunity to bring their own character design to life. Open to beginner and intermediate students. Available online.
Students will learn how a combination of shot angles, camera movements, and the principles of design can be used to create a visual story. They will also be exposed to professional examples of storyboards and animatics. By the end of this workshop, students will pick one of three prompts in order to create a one-minute animatic using Adobe Animate software. Available online.

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