WandaVision is the 15th Marvel Cinematic Universe project our EM studio artists have completed work on since we opened our studio in 2014! And while it’s only number six for Thomas Harmonson, a lifelong fan of Marvel and now a professional artist in the studio, if it’s up to him it will be 25 in no time! (Or as quickly as Marvel can make them…)

A visual effects and end-title artist in the Exceptional Minds studio, Harmonson added number six to his list of superhero movie credits (during the pandemic no less), with the release of Marvel’s WandaVision series now streaming on Disney+. Thomas worked on his first Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War, as a 2018 graduate fresh out of the Exceptional Minds academy. “I had just a few days in the studio as an apprentice when I was told that one of the biggest Marvel releases of all time just came in. That was a little like trial by fire, but we had fun with it,” he said.

Attending a Marvel friends and family screening of “Infinity War” in 2018
(L to R: EM Artists: Xavier Romo, Lloyd Hackl, Thomas Harmonson, Tiana Fazio,
Tony Saturno, Jon Julsrud (Instructor), Nicolas Arredondo and Annie Leffe.)


Since then, he has become a master of end-titles, the go-to person in the studio who helps others on the spectrum get a start in the industry. “No one knows the titles job better than Thomas, which is why when a new artist comes in to train in end credits, he’s the one to train them,” said Jennifer Giandalone, Exceptional Minds visual effects studio manager.
Thomas doesn’t claim to have superpowers, at least not by Marvel standards but he has discovered certain qualities about himself that he attributes to being on the spectrum. “For me, being on the spectrum, helps me focus on one thing at a time,” he commented. Hyper-focusing is an important skill in his work, as is having a keen eye for spotting inconsistencies. It helps, also, that he knows the Marvel Cinematic Universe as if it were his own – and in a way, it is! Thomas lives near our studio with roommate and 2018 Exceptional Minds graduate Nathan Folsom, who is also pursuing a career in the cinematic digital arts. Their lives are somewhat WandaVision-esque in that they too seem to be living ordinary lives, except they work in Hollywood where the magic happens every day. The two regularly check in with friend and fellow Exceptional Minds grad Xavier Romo, who is working for Marvel Studios as a visual effects artist.
This is a wonderful testament to how our academy teachings and studio applications of that education come together in beautiful ways. To quote Wanda, “a fine pair!” With the possible exception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thomas hasn’t “found a place that I’ve fit in and felt more comfortable than at Exceptional Minds,” he said.
Well the feeling is mutual. We couldn’t feel more comfortable having Thomas here!

Thomas’ IMDb profile reads like a who’s who of blockbuster projects. Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), Captain Marvel (2019), Avengers: Endgame (2019), and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) are among his credits. Other notables include: Raised by Wolves, The Good Doctor, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Game of Thrones

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