By Kim Kaiser

Director of Programming

The Color of Autism Foundation


Autism’s impact does not know inequity.

It occurs without discretion or consideration of skin color or ethnicity. Within this diagnosis however there are gaps in equitable access to early interventions and services that assist with transition to adulthood. The Black community has lagged behind because of chronic systemic gaps in access, quality, and impact in autism focused systems and community based interventions.

Within the world of autism there are unique and creative minds, exceptional children with gifts that exist beneath the surface. With the right tools, we can unveil these gifts to the world and build efficacy, joy, and positive life experiences for individuals with autism.

The Color of Autism is one such organization. Striving to provide training, advocacy and education within the Black/Brown autistic community, one of our key strengths in service delivery is to teach parents/caretakers and communities to find the gifts that lie beneath. To fuel the creative passions and talents within Black/Brown autistic individuals.  

Exceptional Minds is an organization that puts these passions into action with their talented group of instructors and staff who are dedicated to opening doors for creativity as a profession.

This is why together we are embarking on a journey that will enable more

Black/Brown teens and young adults to experience the world that Exceptional

Minds has helped so many to create.

Every individual deserves a fighting chance at success and together we will make our mark on the world by uplifting the most marginalized within our nation’s autistic community. 

The Color of Autism is proud to collaborate with Exceptional Minds and it is our hope that the next Black superhero, comic, graphic novel, series, or movie of tomorrow will be born out of the steps we take together today.

Kim Kaiser is the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, a visual artist, writer, and advocate who serves as the Director of Programming at The Color of Autism Foundation. Kim has 35 years experience building efficacy for autistic children, teens, adults, and their families. She also fights for communities impacted by mental health, addiction, and poverty. Kim advocates for awareness, acceptance and elevating the underserved and marginalized voices of those impacted by inequitable access to systems and services.

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